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Aitken, Hugh (1924-): Partita (1958)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Sei solo a violino senza basso accompagnato (1720)
[known as: 'Sonatas and partitas for solo violin']

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Sixteen dance movements for violin solo
[from the cello Suites]

Barry, Gerald (1952-): Triorchic Blues (1992) 3'

Berkeley, Michael (1948-): Funerals and fandangos for unaccompanied violin (1983) 11'
This piece was commissioned by the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition, with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain, to be the contemporary set piece for stage 1 of the 1984 competition.

Butler, Martin (1960-): Bluegrass variations (1988) 10'
Dedicated to Paul Lansky. Written for the Carl Flesch Competition 1989

Laderman, Ezra (1924-): Portraits for violin solo 15'
For Rachel. Commissioned by Matthew Raimondi

Mackay, Neil: 14 melodic studies

Mell, David [Davis] (1604-62): Two preludes

Spohr, Ludwig (1784-1859): Violinschule (1832)