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Waiteata Music Press

Body, John (Jack) Stanley (1944-): Aeolian harp for violin solo (1979) 4'
Commissioned by the Victoria University, Wellington. [scordatura: F# D1 Ab1 E2. There are versions for viola or cello solo as well.]
FP: Anne Frick, 29.6.2006, Grosser Saal of the Musikhochschule Lübeck

Bowater, Helen (1952-): Lautari (2003)
FP: Kees Hilhorst, 9.1.2007. (?)

Bowater, Helen (1952-): Zingaro (1988) 5'
[optionally for electric violin]

Prosser, Christopher (1956-): Six Meditations (1998)
[29 pieces for violin and tamboura ad lib., scordaturas]

Whitehead, Gillian (1941-): Bright Silence (2000) 8'
Dedicated to Michael Hill. Written as the competition piece for the 2001 Michael Hill World Violin Competition.
FP: June 2001, Auckland

Zagni, Ivan (1942-): Going to the Movies (1984)
[graphic score for unspecified one line instrument]